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Introduction to the Pendulum Cycle

Special Mode

Am babey

Normal Mode

Rookie loops (Cycles) daily

How to Affect Weight

Training Styles

Practice Battle: Force a battle against a random opponent. The only opponents you can face are Digimon that can be raised on your device. Mega-level Digimon will only appear if you are at least Ultimate-level. Battles progress just like a Random Encounter. (Canceling the battle is fine and will not count as a loss or Care Mistake.)

v7 Deep Savers: Break blocks. Break them all for a MegaHit. v8 Wind Guardians: Shoot for distance. The shot will continue off-screen for a MegaHit. v9 Nightmare Soldiers: Smash a rock. Destroy it entirely for a MegaHit. (The Digimon will continue off-screen) v10 Metal Empire: Lift a weight. Lift it all the way off-screen for a MegaHit.

A MegaHit fills 4 Training bars.


Can battle with:

Can Jogress with:

Can be scanned with:

* An original Digimon Pendulum will almost always win, as it will act as an illegally overpowered Monzaemon.

Jogress Combinations

Our Current Understandings

Unanswered Questions

Digimon Roster

ver.7 Deep Savers

ver.8 Nightmare Soldiers

ver.9 Wind Guardians

ver.10 Metal Empire


Pendulum Cycle ver.8 Nightmare Soldiers manual

Download full manual as .zip

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