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March 31, 2020

I’m preparing for the site to start actually getting used a bit. Specifically, the Cycle documentation. So there’s a decent chance someone might be reading this. In which case, hi, how’s it going? I’m Mato.

I’ll be repeating myself a bit, but let me sum up the basics.
Up at the top, Resources will take you to a little hub of anything this site offers. It’s a small list right now, as most of it is still under construction, but anything we have will be listed there.
Then over on the right (or the bottom row on mobile) are direct links to any guides we have. You can quickly jump to a device from there.

All of our contact info, as well as our Discord server, is listed on the About page. If you want to contribute to our research, or talk with us about anything else relevant, hop into our Discord or send us an email.

March 8, 2020

The navbar has been made much more usable. Most of the site is still in a messy WIP state, but everything should be accessible now. I’ll be filling out pages tonight, as well as propagating the few broken links that might be left.

Resources will now take you to a table of contents of sorts for all the data on the site. Device guides, evo charts, etc. Think of it as the main hub for any useful information hosted here. If you don’t know where to start to find what you need, go here.

On the right side of the navbar (or bottom row on mobile) is now a “GUIDES” tag. The links here will take you directly to the documentation page for whatever device you click. If you’re looking for info on a specific v-pet, you can now jump directly to it from anywhere on the site, without having to scroll through the resources hub.

March 3, 2020

Basic navigation has been added to the top of the site. The homepage, news archive, and the new Resource hub can now be accessed from anywhere on the site via the left side of the navbar. Most useful things this site has to offer can be found through the Resource hub.

Additionally, on the right of the navbar is an about page with contact info and more.

The navbar will continue to grow as new collections of pages are added.

In closing, most pages on the site will begin to have a string of categories along the bottom. These categories link to a list of pages which share those categories. This also means that every page with a link to any specific category page will in turn be linked to within said category page.

Note: Various images may be tagged as “missing” for a while after writing this, and some links will take a while to get working again. This is not an error. Many pages and assets have been moved since 2017, but everything will be in order soon enough.

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